Insure & Escape BagFinder

More than a million checked-in bags get lost forever at airports globally, Insure & Escape BagFinder can prevent this from happening to you.

Get started with Insure & Escape BagFinder:

1. Download and print your BagFinder document on A4 paper.

BagFinder document sample screenshot

2. Place a copy of the document in each of your bags, ensuring it’s visible if the bag is opened.

3. Check in as normal and enjoy your trip!

What happens if your bag is lost:

You should report your luggage as lost at the airlines lost luggage counter before you leave the airport. You’ll fill in a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) as part of the process which will be needed to claim under your policy for the delay or loss. Ensure you note on the form (or to the agent) that your bag contains a bag tracer sheet inside.

When your bag is found, if the tags have been lost the ground staff will be able scan the BagFinder QR code to obtain your name, e-mail and phone number. They’ll be able to use this to match up with your PIR, or, to directly contact you.

Where you can find your BagFinder document:

You can find a link to your BagFinder document on the purchase confirmation page:

Purchase Confirmation page BagFinder button screenshot

Or you can find it in your Customer Zone:

Customer Zone BagFinder button screenshot