About Insure & Escape

We are an online travel insurance specialist. We were created using some of the best people, skills and products in the travel insurance industry. Our aim is simple - to provide a high quality travel insurance product. How did we do this? Simple, we looked at the industry from the customers perspective - what are people concerned about, what do people actually need from the product and what has caused customer dissatisfaction in the past.

Importantly we have also priced our product in a way as to question the competition and hopefully make us an obvious choice.

We hope you find the products, explanation of cover and customer journey the best in the market - if you do not, then please let us know how we can improve. We want your feedback.

So why should you choose Insure & Escape?

But mainly, because we care about travel insurance and we have worked hard to provide a product that we believe will provide the perfect Insure & Escape.

The Insure & Escape Team